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Real Estate : Top 5 Tricks of the Trade to Sell Your Property Fast

#5   Make small repairs and neutralize your property! — Unless you absolutely don’t have the time or money to repair your property, even just a little bit, do it, the payoff is usually huge.  Don’t forget, when you are using your property, it’s important to make your property your own, but when it comes time to sell, make it someone else’s vision of comfortable living.   I’m not talking about remodeling for the sake of remodeling, I absolutely 100% promise you that no matter what you remodel, someone touring your property is not going to like it or many of the other items that are pre-existing, which you chose not to remodel.  People’s choices in properties are as unique as their choices in everything else in life.  The key is to make it appeal to the majority without going so far over the top that you, not only, bust your budget, but also create a bland property that everyone likes, but no one wants to purchase  because none of them feels a connection with the property due to it becoming so neutralized it now lacks a personality.  What I am saying is that if you know certain things within your property are only popular with a small fraction of the population; change those items BEFORE you place your property on the market.  Some examples are radical paint colors, a theme room dedicated for only one specified specific function like a movie theater or hobby room, and collectables and knickknacks.    Oh, and don’t forget, your children and your pets.  Buyers may or may not have children and/or pets and, even if they do, you, as a savvy seller, do not need them, as your prospective buyers, concentrating their attention on anything, but the property that you actively trying to sell.

Out of all the Top Five, point number five gets the most personal and can become quite awkward.  Let’s face it, nobody what’s to hear that their taste is, to say it politely, ‘not appealing’, but a seller NEEDS to hear it in order to get the results they desire, i.e. the most money in the shortest time on the market with the least amount of hassles.    For this, as a Seller, don’t try to determine a sour point in your property by yourself, ask your professional, as he or she is the person who should be completely detached from any emotional attachment to your property.   If you, my reader, does not think much of a Realtors opinion, perhaps we are all, “the equivalent of a shady used car salesmen,” (I actually was called this by a patron one time at an open house) then think of it this way, did you know that doctors and lawyers rarely take themselves or family members on as patients/clients.  Why?  Because they know that they will probably make mistakes due to their own emotionally clouded judgment.  Why would picking repairs and neutralizing your home to successfully sell it be any different?  Side Note:  By the way, that gentleman from the open house was shocked once I showed him my resume.  He then asked, “Why do you do this [for a profession]?”  I simply responded, “Because I not only love this job, but I know many people think the way you do and I’d like to change that.”

#4   Clean and Declutter your property! — Good God reader, you cannot imagine some of properties Realtors walk into.  Simply cleaning your property and removing most of your belongings and storing them outside of the living area you are trying to sell is important.   Buyers want to see where THEIR stuff fits together nicely within your property so they can make an educated decision if they would like to live there.  Lastly, make sure your property smells just as good as it looks; music and food can do wonders too.  Most people were given, at least, five senses with which to observe the world, make absolute sure your property appeals as well as possible to all of them as people will notice if something is missing or just ‘not quite right’.

#3  Put yourself in the Buyers shoes! — People take this for granted, but this is an absolutely crucial item a seller must understand with their property.  Ask yourself, if you were the buyer, who are you i.e. what might you do for a living, do you have a family and/or pets, what kind of active or inactive lifestyle might you live, who are the people you would associate with in your life etc…?  Next, who within this population of perspective buyers can truly afford your property?  There’s a big difference between buyers and lookers, right?  If a perspective buyer can afford it, what do they want/expect from this property? When do they want to move in or place tenants and what are some obstacles that may arise because of this time urgency (or lack thereof) that you must deal with in order to achieve your goal of selling?  Where is their stuff going to be placed or can you currently only see your stuff?  How will the buyers’ own agent maneuver to make this deal happen (think strategy)?  Is there another property that a buyer would rather buy with their hard earned money?  Remember, you want to sell high because your planning on keeping the extra money.  The buyer wants to buy low because he/she wants to do the same thing.  There are a lot of other questions you can ask yourself, but just simply think, do your best to create a WIN-WIN scenario when selling your property and, strangely, this ‘simple’ concept will usually bring Sellers the most money and least hassle too.  Follow the golden rule and it’ll make you rich… imagine that.

#2   Advertise! — If no buyers know about your property, it’s a guarantee; no buyers will ever buy your property.  Although a Realtor can help you excel with all the points on this list, this point is truly where having a Realtor on your side is really worth its’ weight in gold.  Having an experienced agent with access to a large amount of mass media and business networks is a must.

#1 The absolute #1 Thing a Seller Must Do for a Smooth Sale…   Drum Roll Please… Price Your Property Listing Right the First Time!  — Even if a property has fallen short in all the points previously and doesn’t catch perspective buyers’ eyes, somehow a suitable price tag can always make it THEE PROPERTY for them.  Now, that point of shift is different for every perspective buyer and you, as the seller, may never even consider some of the dollar amounts that would sway certain buyers, but trust me, if it doesn’t work for them, 99% of buyers will make it work at some point on that sliding dollar scale.  Don’t forget the ‘terms’ of sale as this is considered as good, sometimes better, than actual money. Strangely, however, most buyers, whether it’s courtesy to the Seller, or simply laziness, always pass up properties that are overpriced for the market and have spreads in price they foresee as being insurmountable and, thus, decide to move on without a second thought.  With this fact, Mr. or Mrs. Seller, my reader, I implore you to realize, statistically, if a home does not sell within its’ first 45 days on the market, it will not sell.  The hard truth is, it doesn’t matter if the Seller reduces the price or remodels or concedes a number of items to a perspective buyer down the road.  The bottom line is, pay attention to the market facts before you list your property.  Whether the market is going up or down it does not matter, what matters is that you understand which way it is going and are priced to where the market WILL be at the time you project your home to sell.  Never, NEVER EVER, NEVER EVER, EVER, say, “well, we’ll just place the property on the market for this [higher than market rated price] and see what will happen.”  Listen reader, if you have any desire to actually sell your property when you become a seller, if you mutter this sentence, you mine as well throw 10% out the window because that’s what’s it’s going to cost you 99.9% of the time and that’s IF you’re even lucky enough to acquire a buyer when you are chasing the market down the road.  If you like to gamble, go down to our strip here in Las Vegas and play any game you choose with the proceeds of your sale, I assure you, you’ll have multiple times better odds of winning that extra padding of price your trying to acquire than when you price your property listing too high for the market.  Lastly, it’s statistically proven that your first offer is usually the best offer you will receive the entire time your home is listed.  Therefore, you have one shot, when it comes to listing your home, do it right!

Thank you very much for reading my blog, I hope this information helped you out.  For this blog and other helpful tips and tricks please visit our tourism and real estate website or, for all aspects of general real estate, our parent website  My team offers several services; buyers, sellers, distressed sellers, renters, and property management.  Honest and truthful professionals to a fault.  Call us direct @ 702-222-0815.





James Bellile


*All blogs are personally written by James.  Although we encourage and are grateful for sharing, all information is copyrighted by James and needs to be given credit.  Thank you.



Recovering From Bankruptcy and/or Tough Financial Times

They say in many sports, true champions are athletes that consistently overcome adversity to emerge victorious. Coincidentally, the more times adversity is conquered, the more respect an athlete or team receives from their fans and critics. Complete domination is a very rare and, sometimes, an unappreciated, stagnant, pinnacle within athletics, convincing fans to turn off their televisions or protest for the addition or modification of rules, in hopes of spurring an explosion in competition once again. Furthermore, there always seems to be the ‘rematch,’ that classic battle in which legendary giants war with one another in a struggle to achieve that one monumental moment we all strive to live.

Yet, when observed under the microscope, a sports event is only a microcosm of our everyday life in which rules are all laid out neatly, precisely, and deliberately and each event has a near precisely known end time. Within life we all know the rules are much more extensive and their variables are infinitely extensive as well. You may not just have a broken finger or pulled hamstring you are waiting to recover so you can play in game three of a high profile five game series, but, as a player in the game of life, you may also be contending with a car that won’t start, a broken family, and a company that is fishing for a larger annual profit and is downsizing your position next week. Like the classic rematches, sometimes it’s necessary to start things over, train ferociously, and make a second effort to truly capture the energy of the crowd. And, also like the classic rematches, many times, the second time around is just what that person needed to inspire the world that is theirs’ of their own worth within it.

Again, like in sports, those athletes that were beaten may be embarrassed, but their training, inner drive, and professionalism keeps them returning for another shot at glory. In life, when a clean slate is needed, a huge burden of shame is normally carried by the person needing to make that fresh start as well. This feeling of loss, of being a quitter, or a failure, often accompanies the person long into the future, making the task of reemerging the winner endlessly more daunting than it needs to be and, often, impossible. This blog is dedicated specifically to overcoming tough financial times and helping you with rebuilding your personal credit and restoring your financial life when things come off track. Consider yourself just the athlete training hard repetitively and learning to suppress that kneejerk reaction to give up. There is plenty of room for a come- from- behind victory or a gloriously epic rematch, all you need to know are the ‘Hows’.

Your financial well-being can be split into three key ‘periods’; one, keeping your head in the game, two, dealing with problems, and, three, knowing when to throw in the towel and call for a rematch. If you haven’t already done so, I highly advise you to read the book The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason. This book is less than 150 very small pages and is, in my opinion, hands down the best financial planning book ever written. It’s a very simplistic, easy read, yet full of wisdom and good advice.

Point Number 1: Keeping Your Head In the Game: This is, hands down, the simplest of the three periods to learn and enact, the problem is, very few of us ever take the time to implement it and end up getting entangled with a web of unnecessary problems first before backtracking to finally do things right. Please take the time to do this step, self awareness is an absolute necessity for financial success. Point number one is ALWAYS REMIND YOURSELF TO EDUCATE YOURSELF AT ALL TIMES AND KEEP TRACK OF THE NUMBERS. As time moves forward and changes, so do financial policies. Being aware of your own financial situation, i.e. your assets, your expenses, and your earnings, at all times is a must. Keep a written record of these items and actively keep yourself in the green a minimum of 10% of your income each month. Set aside this money for a savings fund you can dip into down the road to use for investments that will work for you, paying you back multiple times over while, simultaneously, taking the burden of work off your own shoulders. If you fail to keep your head in the game and do not keep track of your own money, the famous saying, ‘a fool and his money are soon parted’ will eventually happen to you too. If this happens, like it happened to me, you will look around wondering why you have been working 50 or 60+ hours for the last X number of years with little or no savings and very few assets to show for it. Don’t get discouraged, fight that feeling of failure, and remind yourself it has happened to many other people smarter than most of us, and then, as one of my old drill sergeants used to say in his very educated English, “Drive on more smartly the next time soldier.”

Point Number 2: Dealing with Problems: From large to small, our world is full of problems, obstacles that will eventually come in contact with you and your own dreams and desires, to think otherwise is to only be kidding yourself. Accepting this statement as factual is the first step towards defending against problems. SPEND A LITTLE TIME EACH DAY REFLECTING ON YOURSELF, predicting problems before they become overwhelming, having reserves and plans set to react, and then dealing with these problems in an appropriate manner i.e. perhaps avoiding them all together or tackling them head on. In an ideal world, most of us would say that problems wouldn’t exist. If you could enact that environment and then somehow avoid the inevitable boredom that would loom in a life without any drama at all, life would be simpatico, the truth is, however, realistically, in this life, it ‘aint gonna happen.’ Therefore, the best thing I think anyone can do is to embrace a problem at each stage, either, before, during, or after it appears and then have that problem work for you, providing you energy, rather than sapping it from you. ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,’ as they say. In regards to finances, I think the simplest thing that can be done is to save. As I pointed out in point number 1, do your absolute best to save 10%, or more, each month and try to live off the other 90%. There are going to be times when you are tempted to spend that 10%, either out of necessity or just desire, however, usually what you will find is that, although the first month or two may be tough, after a while, you will not miss or, even, notice that extra 10%. This is most easily accomplished when you have a raise in salary at your work. Try to continue living on what you were already making and taking the extra ‘raise’ and putting that into savings. Having a nest egg will help you sleep easier and provide more options to you when problems do arise. And remember the saying, ‘Make money work for you, not you work for money.’

Point Number 3: Knowing When to Throw in the Towel and Call for a Rematch: OK, so we are now at the probable reason you came to this particular blog. Just like me, in your own life, you failed to pay attention to point number 1, you failed to pay attention to point 2, and now your head is spinning, you’re stressed beyond belief, you’re wasting a ton of valuable time, and you’re wondering, “How the hell am I going to get out of this mess?” I have good news, YOU’RE ALMOST THERE. The simple fact that you are brave enough to now take the time to search for answers is the biggest thing you can do. Your time and effort will be rewarded, I do have helpful answers for you, in detail, below. Many people, when they’re getting into financial hot water, stick their heads in the sand and hope everything just disappears. Whether their reason for this is embarrassment, insecurity, or, simply, their own ignorance, I can assure you, this tactic never works and will end up costing you a ton more time, energy, and stress than just sucking it up, facing your monster, and doing it right the first time.

First and foremost, assess the reality of your situation. Ask yourself, “How bad is my financial situation, really?” If you aren’t sure, gather all your paperwork and track your own numbers starting now. Start recording, in detail, your assets, your expenses, and your earnings. Next, go to your own trusted loan officer or banker and have them pull your credit report to see who you owe what to or call me and I will point you in the right direction. Your credit score is made up of three different credit reporting agencies’ facts and figures, you need all three to accurately fix things. Most loan professionals will pull these for you free of charge, for $15.00, or for $30 max. You need this report. Once you have this report in hand and have your own financials documented call me and I will put you in contact with someone who can take you further. Depending on your personalized scenario, you may only need to create some kind of payment arrangement, you may need to short-sale or modify a loan on one property or more, or bankruptcy may be your best option. After being a loan officer for three years, a Realtor for four years, successfully dealing with my own financial perils, and having the experience of hundreds of customers and clients as models to work off of, a simple 10 minute phone call can give you a world of options. You might need a credit specialist, you may need a bankruptcy attorney, or you might just need a good Realtor to get you back on the right track. Below, I will just share three options that might fit you along with a few bits of information that you may not have known. These are not phony advertising gimmicks, these are, no BS, real options for people in trouble with their finances in which I can provide you with, highly recommended, real names of law firms, real short-sale agents, real credit card companies, and real credit building services.

1. Payment Plan— Because our entire economy is in shambles currently and everyone is hurting for money, did you know that many creditors will settle or completely delete a collection inquiry from your credit history for less than 20 cents on the dollar? Did you know paying certain items without following the proper procedures will hurt your credit score and your buying power? Even if you think you’re doing the right thing, always get, at least, a second opinion from a professional or it may cost you big time.

2. Short-Sale— Did you know that many people who successfully short-sale their homes never need to miss any payments first allowing them to get rid of 100′s of thousands of dollars of debt with minimal hits to their credit and having more legal protection than simply foreclosing? Did you also know, there are now multiple banks available willing to provide new loans to customers wishing to buy homes as little as one day out of a short-sale? If you have missed payments, did you know there are already banks that will issue new loans only one year after your completed short-sale?

3. Bankruptcy— Did you know that you can qualify for certain credit cards to begin rebuilding even the worse credit possible literally one day out of bankruptcy? Did you know you can often already qualify for a house loan one year out of bankruptcy? Did you know creditors have to legally stop harassing you once you have an attorney representing your bankruptcy? Did you know that I personally have seen, met, and worked with many people who achieved 700+ credit scores only one year after they had claimed bankruptcy? Did you know, if you have already claimed bankruptcy or just have poor credit currently and have not taken on any new credit, there is a huge probability that your interest rates will be huge once it comes time for you to make your next large purchase? It doesn’t need to be that way, but you need to start rebuilding credit immediately following a bankruptcy or learn how to build credit when you have none or its’ poor.

In conclusion, if you feel confused about how credit works, you have small issues on your credit report, you have dug a hole you can’t seem to get out of that is collapsing on top of you at every angle, or you can see the freight train flying down the tracks straight at you from a distance, my team of professionals is here to assist, please contact us.

Thank you very much for reading my blog, I hope this information helped you out.  For this blog and other helpful tips and tricks please visit our tourism and real estate website or, for all aspects of general real estate, our parent website  My team offers several services; buyers, sellers, distressed sellers, renters, and property management.  Honest and truthful professionals to a fault.  Call us direct @ 702-222-0815.





James Bellile


*All blogs are personally written by James.  Although we encourage and are grateful for sharing, all information is copyrighted by James and needs to be given credit.  Thank you.

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