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A Statement from James

Hello and Thank YOU for visiting our page.  I’d like to make a brief statement to you about my personal story and how I decided to enter into real estate field a few years back. It’s a journey based in love of the career, a need to help others, definitely not prestige of a position, and, of course, at least a hint of divine timing.

I’m in my early 30′s now, however, although real estate kingpin has always been one of my childhood dream jobs, right up there with pro baseball player and mad scientist, it’s been all but a clear cut path in getting into this career field.  In the early 2000′s, I was an officer in the U.S. Army assisting with the support of two simultaneous wars.  Hard to believe just a few years before that I was graduating high school from a tiny little town in north central Wisconsin ready to become a wide eyed college student at the University of Wisconsin studying History and Political Science with ambitions of attending law school or becoming a college professor.  Fast forward a few years and one EX-Army Captain finds himself pouring drinks bartending on the Las Vegas Strip, enjoying his new found freedom, living in his own house for the first time in 8 years and 14 moves later, buying an investment property with a partner, and studying real estate and finance diligently on the side.  And then the crash hits the economy and my own world, like many, is turned upside down.  The casinos lay off most of the bartenders, the ones that are left with jobs work half the hours for a third less pay, the investment property partner turns his tail between his legs and cowardly leaves me holding the bag, old military injuries begin to nag at the health, and most the people I thought knew disappeared either moving away or turning a leaf I never noticed before.

I’d love to sit here and tell you that I’ve made it big, that, since birth, the world has been my oyster and fame and fortune have never separated from my hands, but, hey, that makes for a boring story anyways so, truthfully, it’s been an education from the school of hard knocks.  One thing’s for certain, however, people seem to learn plenty more in times of pain than in times of triumph.  Although I would have preferred a gradual easing into a new career, I’ve now been self employed full-time for the last four years+ and growing steadily in both team members and personal closings each year.  I now head the number one producing team within our brokerage iProperties International and you’d be hard pressed to find another agent that knows as much about all aspects of credit, finance, construction, law contracts, and residential real estate.

Why am I telling you all this?  Why should you care?  You came to this page to find out about real estate, right?  I’m telling you some of my personal story to convey why myself and my team make, not just good, but great, real estate agents.  Because we are real people who have learned through our own mistakes already, we are not gambling with your lives, and we already fully understand what it feels like to be taken advantage of by people in the real estate industry.  You won’t find one person on my team that has ever been born into this world with a silver spoon.  You won’t find one person on my team that hasn’t made a bad business deal and/or life decision in the past and had to work hard and learn plenty to get themselves clear of it.  You won’t find one person on my team that isn’t hungry every single day to feel a satisfaction and personal pride with their life’s work and who doesn’t express a sincere joy in helping others.  And, most importantly, you won’t find one person on my team that won’t openly share the knowledge they have accumulated with their clients and always attempt to deliver the best possible service with the best possible results out there among any competition while using a strict ethical and moral compass.  That’s a hard quality to find in this industry period, especially in Las Vegas, you may not appreciate it now, but take a look around and truly compare us with the rest and you will.  Let us show you the difference!

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